Conferences and Workshops

I am involved in the organisation of the following events:

  • PerCom PhD Forum 2024
  • MobiHealth 2020
  • DigiTAl 2020
  • German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI), Doctoral Consortium 2019
  • ARDUOUS 2017-2023, 2024
  • iWOAR 2019, 2018, 2017
  • Joint Workshop of the German Research Training Groups in Computer Science 2012

Research Stays

I have visited the following research institutions:

  • University of Zürich, Gerontology Department, Zürich, Switzerland (July 2019)
  • Technical University of Valencia (ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility) (May 2019)
  • University of Zürich within the context of the International DSI Fellowship of the UZH Digital Society Initiative , Zürich, Switzerland (July 2018 – August 2018)
  • Collegium Helveticum, Zürich, Switzerland (March 2018, July 2018 – August 2018)
  • Technical University of Valencia, Spain (May 2017 – June 2017)
  • University of Bristol, UK (March 2016 – August 2016)


Program Committee Member

I have been PC member in the following conferences and workshops:


I have been a reviewer for the following journals and conferences:

Invited talks

I have given the following invited talks:

Other Voluntary Activities

  • I was a session chair at the IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2019)
  • I was a session chair at the International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART 2016)
  • I was a mentor at the student consortium at the ACM Intelligent User Interfaces Conference (IUI 2016)

Grants and Awards

I have received the following research grants, scholarships, and awards:

  • Grant: DQAText: TMF – Standards and tools for data monitoring in observational health studies – Assessing data quality aspects of texts. DFG research grant (May 2024 – April 2027)
  • Grant: AMIGOS: Autonomous Multimodal Ingestion for Goal Oriented Support. DARPA research grant together with Xerox PARC (now SRI PARC) (February 2022 – March 2024)
  • Grant: BehavE: Behaviour Understanding through Situation Models for Situation-aware AssistancE. DFG research grant (April 2020 – March 2023)
  • Grant: eDEM-Connect: Development of a Communication and Services Platform for the Caregivers of People with Dementia. BMBF research grant (February 2020 – January 2023)
  • Founder: Junior Research Group “Cognitive Methods for Situation-Aware Assistive Systems”. European Social Fund (September 2019 – August 2022)
  • Grant: Funding for travel and equipment. BMBF Professorinenprogramm II (January 2019)
  • Award: Special award “Digitale Innovation & Prozessoptimierung” at “Inspired – Der Ideenwettbewerb in Mecklenburg Vorpommern”
  • Award: 3rd place at “Inspired – Der Ideenwettbewerb in Mecklenburg Vorpommern”
  • Award: Best Work in Progress Paper Award at PerCom 2017 for the paper “What’s Cooking and Why? Behaviour Recognition during Unscripted Cooking Tasks for Health Monitoring
  • Grant: Funding for travel and equipment. BMBF Professorinenprogramm II (January 2017)
  • Grant: TextToHBM: A Generalised Approach to Learning Models of Human Behaviour for Activity Recognition from Textual Instructions.  DFG eesearch grant (September 2016 – August 2019)
  • Grant: Recognising the daily activities of people in home settings. SPHERE Partnership resource, EPSRC (March 2016 – August 2016)
  • Grant: Human behaviour models for activity recognition. DFG research grant within the context of RTG 1424 MuSAMA (April 2014 – December 2014)
  • Scholarship: Intention recognition with the help of probabilistic models. DFG scholarship within the context of RTG MuSAMA (May 2010 – August 2013)


  • Current memberships: ACM, GI
  • Past memberships: IEEE; Dyadic Dynamics Research Group, University of Zürich; Interdisciplinary Faculty Ageing of Individuals and Society, University of Rostock

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